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December, 7th, 2011

If you don't get it, check it out.

"Why hasn't the Kishpike been posting!?!" I can see you demanding, foaming at the mouth, furious at my lack of updates, voracious for knowledge of the lifestyles of the beweasled and raucous, life bereft of the simple joys of reading about everyone's favorite Tourretite.
Breath easy.
The Kishpike hasn't gone away, yet, and won't for a while.
My upadtes are far and few between to match the adventures in my life.
Things aren't as exciting as they were a year ago, I'm not getting lost every other weekend in a new country with crazy hapenstances handed to me on a silver platter.
Worry not!
There are crazy things that do happen, and my life is pleanty full, but it's not all that interesting these days.
You will survive.
Trust me. I'm an expert on such things.
No, really.

"But Kishpike, What are you doing with your life? Tell me your secrets!" You demand, once again, with just a little less foam than before.
Simply working, and working towards a goal.
"Working? Surely you must be doing more than working"
Not really.
I have two jobs theses days, and find myself working roughly 75-80 hours a week.
I know what you're thinking (I always do), "Hyperbole! You silly Weasel! Hyperbole, you can't be working that much!" (Can you really pronounce that word? Because I can't. Always comes out "high-per-bowl.")
But I am.
I am working that much.
"Why," you might ask.
If you do, though, you must not be very savvy about the current state of the ecconomy.
Either that, or the basic motivation of working.
(Which is to be paid.)
I have two jobs, one at night, the other during the day.
From 10:00 to 18:00 I work in the box office Monday through Friday, and from 22:00 to 06:00 5 days of the week at Panera (a bakery/cafe).
In my free time, I sleep and play OBLIVION (Elder Scrolls IV).
I will be making good money once the pay checks start rolling in.
Half that money will be going towards my cost of living (Rent, Bills, Gas, Student Loans, the like), and the other half will go into two pools.
One pool for "Emergancy Leisure" funds, for when I am about to go bat-scat nuts and need to see a movie or something, and another pool for savings.
Not long term savings mind you, I'm not that much of an adult yet.
My goal?
Live in Manhatten NY by December 2012.
And that will be expensive.
So I'm going to work my Tourettical Ass off so I can afford to do so.
I will be exhausted.
I will be depressed.
But in a year, I'll be one step closer to chasing the dream.
So there is that.

In the mean time, there is a bit of light in this tunnel of gloomy work-work-work.
I recently finished a brief stint working as an Assistant Director at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.
I AD'ed "A Christmas Carol," which was quite the experience.
Quite the experience indeed, one that has reassured my instincts and my understandings of my own approach to the craft.
Hopefully I can get something together similar to that in the near future.

I have little else to update to you, my fine readers, and hope that the winter season finds you well.


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  1. Hey dude, I started a blog. I think this means you're trending. Thought you should know about it.

    <3 Jenny