Winterbreak Photo Dump!

December 20th 2010 through December 30th 2010.

I've got a new Camera, and spent a healthy bit of Christmas break in Getxo.
So...Photo Dump!

You know... this was less phallic shaped before i bit into it...
Also. Delicious.

So there's this pillar exhibit in this mall-like place.

It's got pillars.

They're shaped funny.

I guess it's supposed to be art.

My eyes were pretty bloody at this point.

Cuz you see, I hate pillars, because of my last class on 'art.'

Sometimes I pretended they were sculpture instead, I didn't need to claw as much then.

So far away!

And there's more on facebook.

White Christmas.

Well... blue and white.

Not blue like the song, more like the color really.

This was our tree... it didn't have lights until the 28th.

This is a building. Or two. Yep.

This is a tree. It grows the sun. The sun is almost ripe this time of year.

Another beach shot.

These are houses. And grass.

The sky can be very pretty here when it is not raining.

One of my favorite spots is right where I was standing. You can't see it, but you can see why I like it.

This is a pink house... building...salmon...beige....thing....

Rollerblading up this... not a great idea.

I don't need even road to rollerblade... but I think this is my stop.

Ignore the cars! Ignore them!


This man is an impostor. Santa Claus doesn't come to Bilbao, Olentzero does!

This out to be my new desktop background.

This is not a picture of a house. It is a picture of a slide.
Ignore the house, it is not as awesome as the slide.
I said ignore it!

Uhm. Yeah. I thought something about this was cool when I took the picture. I forget what.

More house. Not the doctor, mind you, but I would take pictures if I saw him.

Gah! Pavilions, Kiosks, and Rotundas I could fight, but this form of the Dreaded Gazebo beast?
Nay! Faith! I ran for cover when I encountered this giant!

So I want to 'shop this image, so that it's a Link to the past style wanted poster for me.
Until then, enjoy the blank wooden sign. (Okay so there's writing on the other side, but that's boring.)


So I like taking pictures of the sun, what of it?

Start wearing purple? I thought that song was for little ladies (who would be perfect...) rather than for buildings. I guess I was wrong. Also, not a fan of the colors as a whole. Bold move with the purple, but not bold enough.

What's this I see? A pank with a new camera? Can it be!

So... i've started taking more pictures of my feet lately... I don't know why.
This was after a long day of rollerblading and taking pictures (some are shown in this very post) ridding the metro the wrong way... of course... how many months here and I still make silly mistakes like this?

They don't let you open the windows on the metro.

The is a graveyard. With a park bench, behind locked gates (cameras fit between bars).
"Welcome to our graveyard. Take a seat, enjoy the view. Just don't fucking trespass you hoodlum!"

This is a window into a shadowroom where some shadow-boy doesn't make his bed.
I'm certainly glad I know better than that shadow-boy.

I love this setting with cameras. I love this setting with my hats and my teeth.
Dear Lady Gaga, these are my teeth. I have shown them, it is your turn to hold up your end of the bargain. Sincerely, Future Lord Gaga. (Don't judge.)

So I'm goofing off with a camera? So what?

I was amused at the idea of 'shoot pictures when the camera detects a smile' function.
It's not bad.

Then I was more amused.

And then I was more amused than I should ever be by such a thing...

... and then I was a clock-tower!!!!
I got better.

You see this? Rollerblades don't like this. They frown at it. Hard.

A ponce on a walk! Carmen insisted that I take her umbrella.
So I took photos of things, mostly dry from the xiri miri (oh xiri miri how I loath your existance but your wonderfully colorful yet descriptive name!)

This is actually how my window and outside looks. Seriously.
Slanted. I live on a hill.
These aren't fibs like I promised myself I wouldn't be telling.
Because fibs are meant to be convincing.

I know a boy who tries to looks like he's lost in thought too much.


The infamous bridge...

Bridge and boat? Madness!

Again, ignore the architecture. This is a picture of cars.

Man look at that little car! Obviously the focus of my image. Nothing else to see here.

Uhm... why do I forget what I saw taking pictures of?
Still I like this shot, for whatever reason.

Sword-house!!! Do you see it? I see it. It's a sword. (Chimney=Hilt)


The Sidewalk is pink!!!!

Well that's enough of that madness.
Irish Blogs seem to still be hanging around the pub. No telling when they will come out.
Also... this blog has taken 3 different nights of work to get up... that's not cool.
Also, while we're off subject, and don't tell me we weren't, why is 'scooters' Blogger's first suggestion for tags? Who rides scooters anymore? I mean, besides the awesome ones Spanish children all have. (Their toys here are so cool! There was this HUGE Bop it in Ireland... there will be pictures of that.)
Kay... that's enough of that.


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