Killenaule and Birr

January 6th, 2011

Boy, these Irish blogs are getting harder and harder to remember the exact details as time goes on. I blame the terrible internet connection that mandates that I should spend literally hours waiting for the pictures to upload, and my stubbornness in uploading images.

However I should have more or less good internet connection with some consistency when school starts up for reals this Monday.

So, from Tulsk to Killenaule.

Alden gave me a ride into town proper and dropped me off at the train station, there was some time before my bus left (the bus left from the train station) so I goofed off about the town a bit.

This was pretty cheap, and brown bread is quite filling.

This explains quite how I was feeling with so little sleep.

It's a thing! And it's Green!

You aren't fooling me Gannon, I'm not buying any of your hearts!

And I hopped on the Bus to Birr.

I had spoken to a friend before leaving for Ireland and asked her what I should check out, she told me she was from Killenaule so I figured I’d check it out.

Birr, according to google maps, isn’t too far from Killenaule.

And it isn’t.

Once in Birr I busted out my camera, and grabbed a coke-cola.

Oh well...that's reassure for a hitch-hiker.

Look! A Churchy Distraction!


More Church!

Sign! Sadly my eyes were not opened when I saw it.


Little House!

Potions! Sadly they were out of Longstrider potions.

You aren't fooling me! I know this isn't Tibet!

Cuz, you know, uniform color is for chumps.

After dinking about with the camera I made my way towards Killenaule, and found that my map had a slightly confusing off-road involved with it.

I stopped by a gas station to ask for directions, and found that no-one in the world knew where Killenaule was, except for one man, who was cleaning his car.

The gas station attendant who had helped me ask everyone else around was just off shift, so he decided to give me a ride, which was very nice of him.

He asked me who I was looking for, I then realized that Killenaule wasn’t a town, it was an area of a bunch of houses sparsely populating great tracks of land.

I told him the name of my friend, and he realized he knew where a house was with a person with that family name in it.

He dropped me off at the House.

I'm not creepy I just wanted a picture...

Of your car too...

And...your shed! RUN AWAY!!!!

He told me he’d go down the road abit and turn around, and if it wasn’t the right house he’d take me back to Birrs because the walk was long.

Now I had tossed around the idea of actually knocking on this random stranger’s door, but at this point had decided I really had very little to say or ask them, and just wanted to see their land.

I thought I may hide from the kindly guy who had given me a ride, but that would be silly I thought.

When he came back he asked me if it was the right house.

I fibbed. I told him that the owner hadn’t known my friend.

Of course, why should he?

I then told the friendly man, that I would like to walk home, but he insisted that it would be dark in a few hours and he knew a shop that was run by a few people of the same name.

Perhaps asking people in a shop rather than in their own house would be less intimidating to me.

I agreed and he dropped me off not too far from the bus stop, again this time for good.

The shop was sadly closed, so I decided to walk back to the Killenaule area for another good look.

Apparently this "Linda" shop closes before dusk. Crazy huh?

It was dark by the time I got there.

I found along my way, that something had not agreed with my stomach. I ducked off into the bushes, and later found my sunglasses to be broken upon returning.

Not a terribly pleasant experience, at all.

However Killenaule is pretty at night.

I lost my sunglasses about 3 meters from here!

So pretty!


More River!

Sky and field.

S'really green out here.


Other House.

Another house!

It gets dark sometimes

Dark Church!

I then headed off towards Cork. On foot, with sign.
Until next time, which may be a month or so from now, good grief!


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