Good Craic.

In a blurry time somewhere between January 1st-8th, 2011.

1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste tube
2 small bottles of vodka (3-4 shots)
1 10ml spray of disinfectant
1 stick of deodorant
1 hotel bottle of shower gel
1 disposable razor
1 contacts holder.
1 10ml single use contact solution tube
1 lip balm
1 mobile
1 camera and charger
6 condoms
1 mp3 player
2 dice bracelets
1 wallet-note book (passport in)
2 pens
1 purple marker
3 small books
1 wooden pipe
1 box of matches
1 bag of grapes (12)
1 fancy cigar
1 key chain
2 pairs of underwear
1 black Under Armor knockoff long sleeve shirt
2 black undershirts. (1 worn)
2 pairs of black socks (1 pair worn)
1 par of knitted toe-socks (worn)
3 gloves (3 worn)
1 t-shirt (worn)
1 pair of jammie/dance pants. (worn)
1 pair of whip-stitched girl pants (worn)
1 sweatshirt-hoodie-jacket (worn)
1 corduroy blazer (worn)
1 scarf (worn)
12 articles of Body Jewelry (worn)
1 necklace (worn)
1 cap (worn)
1 belt (worn)
1 pair of sunglasses (worn)
1 handkerchief
1 messenger bag/large purse generally used to carry my netbook, in which fit everything that wasn’t worn.
1 sharpish if not imaginative mind

To clear some things up.
3 gloves?
I wear three gloves usually, because I have one thick glove, and two thin little gloves, none of them match.
2 pair of underwear (not worn)?
I don’t generally wear underwear, but 8 days in the same pair of pants seemed like one of those times where underwear would make sense.
Half for drinking, the other half for cleaning. A little Vodka makes for a great quick shower. And people wonder why I love vodka, it’s so multipurpose, the Batman of alcohol really. However one bottle spilled, all over my dry socks…
6 Condoms?
Eight days traveling! You never know. For the record they all returned home safely and unused, so don’t get excited.
Yeah those would have been useless in Ireland, but for Madrid they were great.

Casualty list

1 mobile (Lost in Madrid Night Club)
1 beanie hat (Purchased for 2 Euro in Ireland, Lost on Irish Bus)
1 scarf (Lost on Irish Bus)
1 pair of sunglasses (Destroyed after an unfortunate adventure involving a hawthorn bush)
1 handkerchief (Given away drunkenly to a random girl who needed it for some vague reason, Did not realize she needed it… uh… not to return, Not sure what the purpose is/was, Don’t wish to know either)
1 small but empty bottle that once held vodka.
1 pen (Destroyed in pocket)
1 doubt that Guinness is really that popular in Ireland (It is)
1 illusion involving Irish women
1 illusion involving Irish men
1 pair of whip-stitched girl pants in serious need of repair
1 pair of knitted toe-socks in need of repair
1 glove unraveling, in need of repair
1 corduroy blazer in need of mild repair
1 left foot, mild limp, in need of serious pedicure.
1 mind and body, weary and travel-worn, in need of rest.

1 road almanac of Ireland (good grab)
1 reflective vest (yeah)
1 improvised weapon (weight and strap thingy)
1 ‘The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes’
1 watch, lacking battery
1 silver ribbon (found in cork)
1 pink paper clip (found in cork)
1 blessing/honoring involving a bent nail, rainbow-moonstone, and amethyst
2 new ‘cow-boy’ style scarves, bought in Madrid.
17 pages of life notes (front and back.)
1 hell of an experience

This was my luggage, in Madrid, on the return side of my trip. (Returns always mean more stuff.)

“Kishpike, that is not a blog,” you are thinking “that is 3ish lists.”
I’m getting to it my lovely reader, I am getting to it. You must have patience, this blog will be a monster. Ireland was madness. They don’t kick messengers down wells there because Ireland actually is madness.
“Okay, Kishpike, but you still haven’t explained what Craic is, and it’s like 2 word document sheets worth of writing into the blog.”
3 pages worth, actually, but you are right enough.
Time for the real blog work.

Craic means ‘good times,’ and is generally associated with parties or large gatherings.
It is a noun, and is had in a similar fashion to fun.
‘Our parties have good craic.’
‘This feast is some craic, isn’t it.’
‘Kishpike’s blog is always great craic.’
Craic is pronounced ‘Krak,’ like crack.

So I successfully stayed 8 days in Ireland without ever paying for a hostal.
That was fun.
It wasn’t always by choice, either, on a few nights I would have gladly paid for a place to sleep, but the places to sleep were not so glad to accept my money.
Also, I would like to say that while my list of things packed seems relatively long, it was quite the light load.
Effectively 1 outfit for 8 days.
8 very cold days.
I have broken this blog down into a series of entries, because this beast was long.
One by one, my faithful reader and fickle non-fiance, one by one.


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