Sick as a Weasel

December 12, 2010

I am sick.
I am behind in my homework.
I have three days of class and a final exam.

Christmas Party.
There was a brief house-party last night.
That was a godsend, but it ended prematurely, because house parties are not common in Spain and Neighbors get very, very, very angry.
I was drinking for a house party. Which is different than drinking for the streets.
For example: There were Jello Shots.
I was far too drunk for my own good when we left the house.
However my night was largely uneventful, without loss of memory.
So perhaps I wasn't terribly drunk, but I did have a bit of a headache this morning... which probably wasn't helped by my fierce cold.

Not much else to update.


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  1. Friend-sauce, that blows. I'm going to a pirate themed party on Friday and I will post pictures just for you. You can look at them and think ... "Gosh, I'll bet Kenny-chan is seriously hungover right now..."