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December 9th, 2010

So I've tried to write a few blogs in the past week, but for reasons best left divulged in private, I was unable to convince myself to post anything that I wrote.
Suffice to say I'm stressed for many reasons.
So, before returning to my wonderful homework, I'm going to go ahead write a quick review of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'Conica de una muerte anunnciada.'

A translation/Paraphraisation of this Story:
Santiago Nasar is dead.
This was his fate.
This was his destiny.
This is back in the day when people couldn't change society, because it was too hard.
That is why today is exactly like yesteryear. Because no one could stand up and say 'I don't think this is right.'
That is why something like that has never happened, ever.
The Protagonist of this story is the author, and therefor any issues in the writing can be blamed on him and not Marquez.
The Character is just an unskilled writer from a little pueblo trying to get his facts straight, so Marquez just really wanted to capture this character's inability to create profound female characters. Nope shallow ones are probably the only one that this "character" understands.
Why is he dead? (repeat this question 1 billion times. Once more for good measure).
The he who I just asked is Santiago. (Writing obscurely is fun for the reader!)
Here's a bunch of people.
Wait a little bit more.
If your confused, that's because the author's clever.
Speaking of waiting, and we were, here's some interesting things shoved down your throat.
~Men Suck.
~Men suck because society makes them. Grabs their arms and twists them until the man decides he has to be macho.
~Women had a shitty lot back in the day. They couldn't change this.
~strong hints towards not just back in the day. (He's supposed to be seen as helpful to the feminist movement, but I don't think so.)
~Pride is a monster that will come into your house and eat your children.
~Pride is evil.
~Pride is evil.
~Why is he dead.
~Pride is evil.
~Destiny happens.
Here's why they're important.
They being that bunch of people you were introduced before you started waiting.
Intentionally Vague details about things.
In conclusion, nothing.
You be the jury!
1 gallon of "I'm a Clever writer with a clever device" mixed in with a heavy hand.
2 buckets of forced mystery poured over the lot.
Serve chilled.

I don't like this book.
And now I get to spend another 3 hours explaining these things in Spanish, and in detail.
I hope you're enjoying your night.


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