Christmas Vacation, dubbed over in Spanish

December 19th, 2010

All's well.
Not much to report. Thus the lack of any recent blogs. My apologies if this entry is rather bland, things haven't been too crazy lately.

Finals went fairly well, and I'm in vacation until January 10th.
I was going to travel to Morocco during this period of time, but after my experiences with traveling alone, I've decided to cut back on that practice, especially outside of the EU proper. I got into enough trouble in 'Venice,' I don't want to push this little weasel's luck. (Hopefully next semester I can grab a friend to go with me to Morocco because I really want to see it really badly. I may even tempt fate and travel it alone if I have to.)
Instead I will be going to Ireland, thanks to the suggestion of Damien, who will be staying there for a bit. I think I may try and see Dublin and Cork, as well as the Small town where Damien is staying. (Which had 1.5 pubs, but rumor is they've expanded to two now.)

Like Christmas.
Today we put up the Christmas tree. By we I mean Me, Carmén, and Antonio, Carmén's son. It is a little rubber tree, that is cute in its own sense, and we decorated it simply with lights, red and gold balls, and some ribbon. There were a few other decorations, but for the most part the simple stuff. It's missing a star, or a topper really, and that sort of bothers me a little, the crowning jewel is missing, as it were. Carmén says she'll buy a star and an extension cord at Corte Íngles tomorrow, so I'm not too concerned about it. It was fun to put up the tree, but I am beginning to miss the smells that I seem to remember being strongly tied to Christmas. Ginger, Cinnamon, Pine, the like. It’s been ages since I've had any apple pie at all, let alone my father's famous creations.

More in the sense of Senoritis than in the sense of the inflammation of the pank. No, this pank is not inflaming; he has just fallen behind on his Christmas responsibilities. Christmas-post cards will be late. Apologies.
Gifts will probably be delivered upon arrive stateside, because mailing is a mad house right now, and super expensive.

It's down to negative degrees Celsius some nights here. Which isn't incredibly cold considering where I hail from, but that humidity will really get to you. You just can't shake the cold, and I find myself missing the dry cold nights of Idaho.
A lot of good cold nights remembered. A lot of bad cold nights forgotten.
Such is the memory, isn't it?

To aid with the cold, I've been drinking good wine. Last night I halved my bottle of "Itsas Mendi", and am steadily working on requiring a second bottle of it tonight. It is a fantastic Basque white wine that makes me think I could actually enjoy white wines later in life. It’s sweetened with honey has an ever so slight bubble to it. And it cost me less than cheap wine stateside does.
I have a wineskin now, for carrying such wine... and occasionally vodka, with me when I travel.
Or for the 16 hours a day that the heat isn't on inside my flat. You see heat is more expensive here, so it only comes on at night, and only until midnight. From 4 to midnight is when we have heat, give or take.
Makes drying my boots tricky.
Luckily we're on the 'second' floor, which means we're on the third floor for those of you unfamiliar with European floor labeling. (Get's me every time in the Corte Íngles. I go to what I think is the second floor and think "This is children’s clothing! This isn't at all electronics. Stupid sign said that electronics were on the...oh. Right.) Being on the 'second' floor means the heat from the lower level raises up to us. Yay other people's heat. But it’s still cold.

Too tired to be upset.
I tried to buy internet the other day, because it’s hard to type when my hands are numb, and the Cafe people really don't like me. Honestly being out in the freezing elements is a warmer climate than inside with the icy glares.
Turns out in order to buy internet you must be a resident.
It's for the best; it will get me out of the house more often.
On the topic of being addicted to the internet, and probably being on it more often than I should be, I would like to also point out that many of my obligations from school, loan management, travel, and my upcoming internship all require internet access. I'm not denying that I am an internet addict, but access to said internet is more important than just to feed the craving.
Ah well.
A second jacket and both my scarves will have to do for now.

Meeting the Theatre group I'll be interning for this Tuesday. I'd be excited if I hadn't already been disillusioned with what Spain calls theatre.
Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Maybe not.
But a chance to work inside my beloved theatre world is not something I'm going to pass up.

Is it just me or does this post seem to be lacking strong opinions, bad jokes, and silly references to a wedding proposition?
Like I said, not much to report.


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