Radio and Haro

November 22, 2010

I can't believe it's almost over, first semester.
It seems like nothing has happened, but almost half my time is here. And yet another four months may just be enough to break me.
I can't say I've been feeling terribly well this past couple days, and I couldn't quite tell you why.

I did have a fantastic Friday, this past weekend.
After class we took a trip to Eitb, the local Basque broadcasting center, that does most of the Radio work, and News for the Basque Country.
All in all the trip was mildly interesting except for two occasions. Both of which called for volunteers. You can guess which excited little weasel of a Kishpike jumped at those opportunities.
First: there was the Recording Booth, were they temporarily recorded my voice, and a few other student's voices.
I said something along the lines of 'You'd think I'd have a monologue prepared or something, but, eh, I never do.'
The play back was very clear, and very eerie, because it sounded like me without the Machine like noise that usually comes out of a recording of my voice. It sounded like another Kishpike was in the room, talking to me.
Second: They called it 'The Inocent Hand.' I sat in during a brief scrap of a radio show, and was to select a number, I wasn't sure when, I wasn't sure out of what set, and they were speaking SUPER fast SUPER colloquial Spanish. I was terrified.

Er... Care to run that by me...again?

It came down to the time, and I was clearly addressed, and they asked me to select any number between 1-203, any single number.
I chose seven.


That girl won a Wii.
It was a facebook-radio competition.
Later, Ibon, the USAC General Director guy here asked me why I chose seven. I smiled awkwardly and said 'I couldn't think of how to say thirteen.'
Have I mentioned that my ability to speak Spanish is still a joke?
Well it is.

You Can find the Radio Show Here.
My voice can't be heard until 13:40 in the recording.

I come on not too long after 'Spider Pig' you should be able to recognize that. (If you don't know what Spider-Pig is, our engagement might require some reconsideration, and you may consider googling it. I just don't know if I can share my life with someone who does not know the amazing powers of Spider-Pig.)

There we are! In front of anything you can edit into a green screen.

Group Photo!

While in Class on Friday, or really, after class, due to my previous feelings of not taking advantage of living in Spain, asked my teacher if she knew any good cities or towns nearby to take a day trip to. She told me Haro was pretty good, and gave some other suggestions.
I went Haro.
I fell in love with Haro.
I only have six or so hours in the town, but I got lost, and found myself before I could really worry.
I drank the wine, the wine was good, and cheaper than cheap.
I bought some fantastic wine that when I asked the bill, I wasn't surprised when I thought I heard the man say 8€, no. He said .80€.
This was after my third or fourth glass.
Because I traveled by bus, I had no problems sampling the wine.
The buildings in Haro are gorgeous.
The sort of thing I wanted to see when I came to Spain.
The Pintxos were absolutely fantastic and a bit cheaper than here.
There is a place called 'The Horseshoe' its a curved road with Bars on it, and it is the place to go for the Haro wine tour!
Oh the wine my friends. Oh the wine.
And the church was pretty cool too.

Awesome Outfit? Check.

Good Siddhartha, that sky is lovely!

Vega's Fountain.

Vega...your fountain is a bit dry.

A park!?! They have parks here?

Ooh trees!

Hey! This rose wasn't painted at all!

Pretty things are EVERYWHERE in Haro.


It's made of gold!

Gold, I tell you, gold!

You should have heard him play.

It's a thing! And it's cool!

This guy? He'd do better work if he wasn't so damn cocky all the time.

I was going to ask this guy for directions, but he looked like he was doing something important.

This guy was so devoted, didn't even notice when I stole his shoes. I gave them back...

The details are fantastic!

I saw the bird. It ate my camera, so I couldn't take a picture of it, but it was huge.
...My camera? ... It got better.


It's a foot bridge! They have feet here!

They kinda like wine out here. If you couldn't guess.

Mmmm, me gusta.

The lights in this town seemed, brighter than others... or was that the wine?

Wine Store!

So... can I have this town. For Chirstmas? Like, to keep?

Just outside of town.

She was real nice, but the pastries were a bit tough on the teeth.

Oh no! A town so beautiful would have one of these terrible beasts...

TWO!?!?! No wonder Haro is such a well kept secret.

I'm a sucker for the moon.

This is a statue of grapes. I love this town.


Bastante Feliz.

Ah the Bus-station, I suppose I must be headed back at some point... Oh well...

Upon returning I have found myself in a funk, again.
There are things I wish to express, some I know not how, others I have no means, and others still, I lack the full freedom from responsibility to express.
Here is something I have always struggled with, secrets.
Secrets that, in part, belong to me, and are secret because they, in part, belong to someone else who wishes them to be secret.
It is easier when a person expresses that they wish it to be kept on the DL, (yeah I did) but I still dislike these sorts of situations.
Actions or experiences that I am a part of are even more difficult still to keep within this realm of shared secrets.
I am not a terribly secretive person, in some situations more than others, and I feel that secrets are a burden. But I've collected more than a few since I've arrived here.

On that cheery note, I'm going to go stare at my homework until it does itself.

November 25th, 2o1o.

I'm going to Madrid today!
I will be visiting the lovely Miss X from Y
I'm excited!
And I still hate photos!



  1. Did that dinner consist of bread with two other kinds of bread?

  2. No, it consisted of Bread, A Deviled Egg Battered and Fried, and Lomo and Pimientos Rojos (Spicier than most I've found so far!) also Battered and Fried. And wine. Lots of wine.

  3. Haro looks lovely! If you'll excuse me I have little time to update - I must dig out my car from a bunch of snow. Ta'!