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November 13th, 2010

Not much in the way of adventures, I've been working on studying and took the last weekend to myself.
Sometimes I worry that I'm not taking enough advantage of living in Spain, and then I think to myself, I'm LIVING in Spain, I'm not missing anything if I don't go out for one night.

So... here are some random thoughts.

Been re-reading Hamlet. In English. After I give it a 'quick' re-cap in English I'm going to tackle the Spanish Translation. After that I'm hitting up a straight Lopez play. By straight, I mean no translation or manipulation. Wish me luck!

Some nights I would kill for a booth at the Garden.
See the bars here, they don't work like that.
You go in, buy your drink, and stand outside, or in the bar. And then after a half an hour or so, you move to the next bar. The dance bars are full, and even in bars with chairs, the chair are rare. I miss conversation bars.
And house parties, where I could put my bag down, empty my pockets and let loose.
And run amuck.
Here its all in public.
I never even get a chance to take my shirt off!
There is no team skins!

I have found myself in a truly Chekhovian situation that for lack of full 'rights' of disclosure I will not be explaining the situation in full on this particular blog. Suffice to say, I'm starting to get an even stronger grasp on that Old Russian's sick sense of humor.

Hamlet III.ii 371.
That is all.

We were speaking in my Art History Class and a word was dropped that means Hooligan, but only for soccer. I don't remember the word, and frankly it gives me equal. But it did make me realize that I am a Theatre Hooligan. Deal with it.

So much of 'classical' and 'neoclassical' paintings look as if the painter him or her self did not enjoy painting it.
The subjects painted look bored.
The painter is bored.
I'm bored.
This is boring.
Academically mastrabatory and boring.

Also, more complaints about an art 'teacher.'
If you wish to teach artistic analysis, you cannot teach it in the realm of 'is' and 'means.' As in 'This Painting IS X, or this song MEANS Y.'
That isn't teaching, that's pressing your opinions on your students, not teaching them to form their own.
(Don't worry I'm not going to be a teacher.)

Spanish for the Day:
Suena como una patada "It sounds like a kick [In the head/ear]"
Quien con niños se acuesta, mojado se levanta. "Children ruin everything"
Él que no llora no mama " The babe that cries not sucks not [The squeaky wheel gets the grease]

Él que se casa, por todo pasa

Apparently proverbs are more common in Español, more in English.
Which is awesome because I love proverbs.
I love screwing with proverbs.
Dirty jokes with proverbs.
I should read 'proverbs'
I imagine it would be full of them.
When I write my Not-Book for my Radical Zen Buddhist Not-Church of Nonviolent Yet Aggressive Denial of All That We Believe Exists Even the Denial of such Existences, I'll include a chapter named Proverbs and one named Parables. Proverbs will be filled with parables, and Parables will be filled with allegories, and the Chapter Labeled 'There is No Third Chapter' will be filled with proverbs.
Chapter 5 will be the Q2 version of Hamlet, in Rot 13.
It will not be, and not be, excellent.
This grows tedious.


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