Of Being Wrong.

November 17th, 2010

I was wrong.
It does matter if I just wind up staying in all the time. More and more I'm growing bored with myself, I have all of Spain to discover! So today, I decided to toss my homework to the wind. (That's right 'Track 4' to the wind!)
I went for a walk, to buy stamps, and decided I'd go to Casco Viejo to check out the piercing parlor.
On the way I saw an Ice-cream shop, and had to stop by.
Before that? Accordion Busker.But he was cheating.
I then wandered around, and found myself in FNAC, which is Spanish for 'Better than Hastings.'
I got lost in their book section for half an hour or so. (Harder to get lost in books in a language you have a 3 year old comprehension of. And not a genius three year old.)
Tonight I need to read a book.
So I'm going to take it over to the ocean and read it there.

Buskers can cheat?
I give the cheaters less money than the 'True Busker's' in my eyes.
See a lot of Buskers here have a sound system that plays backup music.
Especially if the recorded sounds are trumping your live sounds.
The guy I saw? His backup music had another accordion playing over the top of it.
Double lame.
I want authenticism. I want live street music that is unique and derived from the very heartstrings of the person willing to stand out on the corner and play for what people pay.
This recorded bullshit?
Its bullshit.

More Piercings?
Naw, I just wanted to buy a micro-dermal.
You see, I lost one that weekend I got sick from drinking too much.
I bought 2 new black gem dermals, that look alright, but I'd prefer the clear.
Sadly they didn't have those.
They did have a super sketch jewelry handling policy.
And a not very strong comprehension of Micro-dermals. (How they work, not what they are.)
But they did have 2 stars I might go back for.
I'm getting pretty Steal hungry though.
Might be looking at an Industrial soon...

'Art History' Class.
More Architecture today.
No surprise there.
I don't have a problem with Architecture, but there is SO MUCH more to Art than it.
'Welcome to Baskin Robins. All we have is Cookie Dough flavor today.'
Don't get me wrong, cookie dough is awesome, but I was hoping to get some Chocolate Peanut-butter, some Mousse Royal, Vanilla? Nope. Cookie Dough.
And if you haven't studied it before, that's tough cookies. (Yeah I did.)
I'm certain half the things we talk about would be lost on me if it were in English.
So, today, most of the class left early.
So it was me, and a student who NEVER talks.
And she asked that fantastic question, and looked dead at me.
'Os gustan ----'
And I did something stupid.
I hesitated.
I lied.
I hesitated then I lied.
The hesitation was stupid because it revealed the lie.
The lie was stupid because I'm trying to be an artist and lies do not become us (artists).
I received another lecture.
Not on Lying, Buddha shield us, that would be appropriate.
No, I received a lecture on the importance of Arabic Architecture.
Which I don't doubt.
And it is cool to look at, and it is very different that what I am used to seeing.
But I do grow weary of Columns.
My future house is going to have no supports what so ever. The ceilingwill simply hover, the walls will be made out of magic, and therefor not really there.
Because I may gouge my eyes out to overcome my Column boredom.
I think I would feel the same way if I were in a Theatre History Class that only did Chekhov. Or Shakespeare.
I mean... I was in a Shakespeare class, but it wasn't called 'The Plays of Theatre' class.

So, I've been thinking about life when I finish this Spanish Vacation, because, let's be honest, this ain't for learning things in books and school. This is about learning things about life, and having a great time.
But, like all things, it must end.
And when this ends, so too do my college years.
For now.
This means stepping into the role of an adult.
This means stepping out of the role of a student. (Though I must remain an eternal student of life and theatre.)
This means stepping into the beginning of my Directing Career.
This means a lot.
I've been giving it some thought, and New York is the obvious choice.
It's the most terrifying choice as well.
It's also an expensive choice.
Most importantly its MY choice.
I'm moving to New York.
Here's my dilemma.
Money will be TIGHT when I get done with this Spanish Affair.
(Both meanings here apply, 'Not in Abundance' and 'Really Awesome.' I however, in this instance, am referring to the former.)
I have, exactly enough to get by in a suitcase and a backpack.
Flying to Washington (not D.C.) and then moving to New York seems wasteful.
It seems that it would be a decent idea to fly into New York, and hop on the 'Getting My Career Started' train.
However, a lot of my personal effects are in Washington.
A lot of personal effects I'd like to have access to.
Books, more clothing of a less formal variety, random things, books, and books.
Also it'd be nice to see people before I leave.
I've got half a year to think it over, I don't really know what the best choice it.
Mom'll know.
Moms always know.

I've got a book to read.


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  1. Dude, you are in a pickle indeed. You could always ask your Mum to sell off all of your stuff to help finance this epic adventure in New York.