Flying to Madrid

November 25th, 2010

Madrid, Day 1.
Time aint' the only thing.
So flying is still gives me the heebiejeebies a little.
The Sensation is fantastic, and knowing that Ryanair uses Bowing 747s is pretty reassuring. However, there's always that chance. Higher chance on the road, but I interact on the road, therefor the chance to interaction ratio is worse for planes.
Yay over analysis. (Wait, analyzation isn't a word?)
But its always good practice for meditation, and breathing, and being at peace with things.

Buddha forgive the word, but I *hate* the Spanish gait.
This is a plane station, not a Sunday afternoon at the park.
I missed a metro by 1 person, who had decided that walking at the pace of a heart beat may be to fast. That or he was super healthy. (I've heard somewhere that we tend to walk at the rate of our heartbeat.)
In the end it doesn't matter much, but after a long day I just wanted to crash in my Hostal.
Managed to navigate the Metro pretty good with Heather's help, and I met with her outside of the theater where they were producing 'Avenue Q.'
After meeting her, we searched high and low for my hostal, which was supposedly near by.
Turns out it had been covered by scaffolding.
This is a common issue in Spain.
And lack of Street names posted.
I found it. Checked in, and decided to find a bar for some food and call it a Night.
Sadly Heather was rather ill, and couldn't stay up too late, Fortunately I hadn't slept the night before, and all I wanted to do was sleep.
I was going to go to a Donner Kebab, but I opted to have "Tapas" and wine.
Thanksgiving dinner was Tortilla Llena (An egg-potato omelet cake, with 2 layers, and jamon and mayonasa between the two. Be jealous.)
'pie' was a glass of wine, I rather liked this pie, so I went ahead and had another slice. (Didn't want to break the tradition, now did I?)
Truth be told, this pie was pretty good, but not quite as good as my Pop's Apple Pie, which I assume was fantastic this year.
After this fine Dinner with all Me, Myself, I, and angry glares, (Angry Glares was invited because he and I have been so frequently encountering each-other here, and it would be awkward to have Thanksgiving dinner without him.)
As per usual, after Thanksgiving Dinner all I wanted to do was fall asleep. So I went to my Hostal, and crawled into bed.
Except I was in a room with Amsterdamians.
Who see the sleeping quarters of a Hostal as the commons area.
This is not the case.
There was a Bar, A Commons Area, and an awesome Turkish style sitting room. The sleeping rooms have a light, lockers, and bunk-beds.
Where I wished to sleep.
They had other plans.
I conked out around 12sh, but was woken up several times by them.

Oh and I lost my camera.


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