As my Vodka gently weeps.

November 28th, 2010

Last Day in Madrid.
I woke up on time today, and met Heather to hit up The Rastro, the HUGE flee market that happens every Sunday in Madrid.
This was Awesome.
I wish I had scheduled more time to shop at this place.
However, I did finally realize a short paragraph I wrote over 6 years ago.
You see in Spanish Class, in High school, Sophomore year, I wrote that I would go to this flea market, and buy a thong.
My friends, family, enemies, potential fiances, and readers, I have that thong.
It cost me nothing more than 1 euro.
Dear Past Kishpike, you're welcome, now I have no idea what to do with this thing.
Restart the Jungle?
Well other Past Kishpike cerca College age, I think that may actually be a great idea. You are also welcome.
If you don't know what "The Jungle" was, or will be, then its probably better that you don't ask.
But if you must, I'll email you the answer.
I also went to Haggle on an AWESOME jacket.
I went to do so, and chickened out.
Chickened out hard.
I did however buy it.

After the Market we did more window shopping on the way to the Prado. I love gossip and window shopping.
However, I do not love huge lines.
The line for the Prado wrapped around the bloody museum.
So we skipped it.
I've seen the Prado, I've seen Madrid, and while it's all stuff I've seen before, I really enjoyed my stay.
After this Heather did some purse shopping, we sadly didn't find anything quite perfect.
And I hopped the metro to get to my flight, which I thought was at 8:20.
Nope, 18:55.
Different times, those.
So I called Heather, and she helped me find the Bus station.
And I hopped the 8:00 bus to Bilbao with relative ease, and low cost.
My friends, if you are in Spain, and if you can, take the bus.
The bus is more comfy, allows for wine transporting, and much more comfortable than a planel.
It is slower, but much better.
At the rest stop I bought wine.
I am currently at the rest stop now, having written for the last 2.5 hours.
My Battery is low and my Vodka now calls to me.

I got home fine, and now am homework swamped.


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