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October 8th 2010.

Today I met with the Lovely Miss Heather Laura at Crear, Crecer, Creer. And we spent the entire day wandering about Bilbao and checking out the Gugg, I was not excited to revist the Gugg, what with me and my fabulously strong opinions. But this time it would be with all of its exhibits on display and no shitty disco-tec.
Remember those Metal Mazes I complained about?
I retract my resentment. Beautiful.
If you listen to the Artist speak about his creation, about his medium, and his vision, his experimental shot in the dark at creating art that directly centers the observer as the subject, well... Its all rather interesting.
And, actually, rather successful.
Further, these mazes are balancing on their own. They are not planted into the ground, and neither are they supported by any other means. They are giant sheets of steel bent in such a means as to balance.
He speaks of Structural Sculpture or something akin to that, and expresses strong, and well argued opinions about what he sees as sculpture and what is not. I was convinced.
If you want more information on it, go Here.

Odd thing.
At the Gugg there were a bunch of what I would (mistakenly I'm sure) call classical. Landscapes and portraits and what have you. No I don't really know what time period they came from or what the proper names or style they were. I don't care.
Google it if you're curious.
What I do know is that I can only look at landscapes for so long. I start to pick them apart, look for 'hidden messages' commentary and the like. Its all there, of course, but after the seventh or so I lose interest, and then I start looking for the ones that stand out.
I guess I'm just not a Gargantuan Art geek, only a Huge one it turns out.
Something that helped me explain why I don't like Kapor's stupid red-wax exhibits was an exhibit on the old timey light box, the one that artists used to to paint people and landscapes.
A natural sort of projection technology.
I'd love to link an image, but I can't recall the name of it all.
You know what wasn't part of the Portraits?
This device.
Sure the devices used to create art are fascinating, and perhaps including them in the presentation can be interesting, but any time you take a step away from what is established one must have a good reason. Stepping away from the established is great and all, don't get me wrong, I love the idea of breaking the norm, and it should be done often.
But with reasons, with experimentation.
Not with the wild abandon of a young child with a new chemistry set.

Talking with Heather all day was nice.
Very nice. Someone from home to talk about home issues, people, and art.
Noble buddha's pants, I missed the discussions about art.
We had a few glasses of wine, and split the most delish pastry. (She had the camera today, and took some pictures.)

This is a mountain of Love.

Everyone needs Love in their life.

Sometimes Love isn't pretty.

Thanks to Heather for pictures!
It was a great day, all in all.

October 9th, 2010

While I may be going to San Sebastien later in they year with the USAC program, I figured it might be a fun (and economic) trip for me and Heather.
It was!
Here are some pictures that me and Heather took.

Another day of talking, and walking. Goodness did we walk. Heather did the math, and it turns out we may have walked over 11 Kilometers. (She told me over ten kilometers, but I promised her I'd exaggerate whatever she said by one.) Our legs were sore at the end of the day, and we had earned our ride back home. Which is where I left my dream-work book. (October 15th, still trying to get it back. So frustrating. Might have to buy another one).

This was a big'ol church.

Something definitely powerful about this. And phallic.

The pope isn't too popular these days...

To the left.

Al derecha.

Jesus on the hill.

Heather. She's lost. Don't worry! I'm right here.

These things are so cool.

Its a lady! With a thing!

Me trying to be 'artistic,' lame? Maybe, but I like it.

Ah the Lions. A big deal to the Basque and San Mames.

This bird? This bird was posing for me.

The ocean.

This carousel was awesome!

A car? They have cars in Spain?!?!


This Guy!


Dolphins can't fly!

This was a thing. It was cool.

Me and this guy, we go back. (He's so creepy!)

When in Spain... drink all the wine before someone else does!


Cool buildings. Churches are so interesting.

This mural was huge!

Ah the ocean.

Chefs! With barrels! On Parade!

He, the police officer, was cute. But I couldn't get a face-shot.

The name of this train? The Txu-Txu. (Which is pronounced Choo-Choo.)

After taking this picture the most adorable old basque man (Nary but one tooth in his mouth) told me that it was a lovely building, he seemed very happy with life, and to see a foreigner/youth interested in this plaque.

Shot from a roof-top garden.

Rooftop garden and Church.

Parade part two, Punk Drummers in the middle of the town.

A dread Gazebo waits in hiding.

Why do I fear Gazebos? Why do you not fear the foul beasts?

Adorable little girls playing with chairs.

Me and Heather in the Sebastien!

Another shot of me and Heather.

October 11th, 2010

Heather headed out yesterday,but not before we wandered about Getxo and Bilbao. Again, more talk, and more fun. I've discovered a lot of things about my own town by wandering around with Heather, all in all it was great to see a friendly face, and have a real conversation.

Prettiest flowers ever. Officially my favorite. Purple and green? Awesome.

Today I am depressed.
Super depressed. (Turns out this will last a few days.)
After a weekend of being spoiled by good conversation and fun, I returned to the struggle.
Boy who has a crush on me, but is still too timid to bring it up, or really speak for himself at all asked me to check out part of Las Arenas with him...
I forgot how frustrating it is to not be on the same page as someone. I guess I'm getting lonely.
The fact that my Dreams are covering the topic of loneliness isn't helping.
Technically I shouldn't get lonely, but technicalities be damned, I've got emotions and I'm gunna go ahead and feel them.

October 12, 2010

'The truth is only one.'
And if you believe that, you clearly have never studied history. Or studied foolishly.
I forget who told me this, but I really wanted to say something about it being a really closed off point of view, but I don't speak good enough Spanish to make my point.

I'm starting to speak Spanish before I really think about it. That's cool, its not good spanish, but it gets the idea across. I said 'Es bien por la salud' with a quick thump to my chest, as if I were sayin' 's'good fer ya.'

Better, a bit.
Also, I had a good conversation with Carmen over modern art, and our favorite 'works' of art.
Interesting thing. Carmén was trying to explain to me about where the fantastic cheese I was eating came from. I thought she might of been saying goats, so I asked if it was like the animal from the old story with the three little ones and the monster under the bridge. Yeah my Spanish was good enough to say all that. (Three Billy Goats Gruff, I figured was a Grimm's fairytale, and therefor would have most likely been told in Spain.) Turns out I was right twice today.

In your face multiverse!

Apologies about the size of the images, I can't get the ones I stole from Heather's blog to shrink down... ah well. I'm going to go gloat over the multiverse more.

Kishpike Out.

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