Autobus not Autobot.

October, 19 2010

The wrongest Autobus of them all.
A reoccurring theme? Perhaps.
I've written about getting on the wrong bus before, and how often it works out all right.
Not this morning.
This morning I left for school with two hours till class (as I usually do) and found myself lost, lost, lost.
Because I read on the bus, I didn't notice until the bus was on the highway...
Yeah, it was one of those mornings.
After getting off the bus, cursing more than anyone really needs to, and wandering around on foot for more time than I'd like to admit I finally found a metro stop.
I love the metro.
I was very far away from school.
'But littlest Kishpike of them all, if you love the metro and could take it to get unlost, why I didn't you take it in the first place?' You are probably thinking right now.
And first of all, I am also the Biggest Kishpike of them all, being the only one that exists.
I just think you should know that.
Also, I don't take the metro because from the stop, it takes 40 minutes of hustling to get to the school. (I know this because I was checking my phone frequently.)
I made it to class only fifteen minutes late.
Did I mention I hadn't slept the night before?
I was twitching rather frequently in class, and then I noticed something... peculiar.
My twitch was manifesting in my eyes.
I was blinking.
I don't know if you know Rob Caisley, but I do know Rob Caisley, and I also know he has Tourret's (like me). And it's usually in the form of the same blink.
Needless to say after class I was done.
Sleep. And then I slept some more.

October, 20 2010

Of shoulds and shouldn'ts.
I shouldn't have spent so much money today.
However, I did get a haircut, and two more piercings.

Dashing young man, with an AWESOME hair cut.
Of course my name has the same root base as AWESOME.

Tricky to see, but there are two beads above the lower ring.

The hair looks great, and was only a little difficult to get. There was some confusion about cleaning of hair. I didn't realize it was free.
That was awesome.
(Which is how I look with my new haircut.)

The piercings were done by the same lady who did my other one, and she speaks a little english. (I speak so much spanglish over here.)
My favorite thing she said to me was 'I remember you, you don't blood.'
'Nope', I thought to myself, 'I don't blood, not even twice.'

Today was a day to wear purple in memory and in pride.
So I was dressed in mostly black, with my purple tie, and any other purple accessories that I could find. I also drew a heart on either hand with purple ink.
(I was acutally rather proud of my right hand one, which was drawn by my left hand, because I'm not that nimble. Yet.)
I noticed as I was checking out my new piercings that I looked like a Saint.

I don't have any purple shirts with me, but I have this tie!


I also purchased some bomb gifts from a international bazar/open air market.
I also picked up a new bag for my laptop.
I'll admit, at the time I didn't know what the symbol was, and I don't recall the stand but it seemed out of place.
The bag has these two eyes embroidered on it.

I thought they might have been Indra's Eyes, and I was fairly certain they were a Hindu symbol.
I hoped for Indra, because of her infamous net, and its influence on Buddhism.
Not wanting to be mugging around a bag with a symbol I don't understand (The entirety of the eyes are blue, like my laptop, and I really like eyes) I did a google search for 'Indra's Eyes.'
Again, I tried Shiva's Eyes.
Hindu Eyes?
Deviant art.
Deviant art is great.
I typed in Hindu eyes, and found the symbol.
Turns out they're called the Eyes of Wisdom.
Googled that, and found my symbol.
Buddha's eyes.
So prevalent in Nepal, they've become a national symbol.
Awesome that my bag is super appropriate.
Not awesome? Being kind of ignorant to my own philosophical background.
They represent more of a Buddha as a demigod sorta thing, which (until now, literally I guess) never really was my bag.
Literally speaking? Buddha's dead.
Metaphorically speaking (and any good Buddhist will gladly admit the whole philosophy, stories, and teaching are STEEPED in metaphor and parable (( And any buddhist worth her or his salt would say there is no such thing as good or bad, and thus there are no good buddhists ((( and most zen buddhists hate being labeled in general. ))) )) )
Budha is simply the state of a mind that is present and aware. Thus the eyes.
You see, Buddha meditated with eyes open. Metaphorical. All of it.
Hell, one of the most important buddhist teaching is that the past is a bunch of lies and stories told to explain how the present came to be.
Enough of this, this blog isn't 'Buddhism with a short opinionated kid', on with the Spanish experiences!

Actually, three plays.
A theatre here is putting on the following three plays.

El Arvo (A Moliere)

'Endgame' Play by Becket (A Becket)

'Dolls House' (An Ibsen)

Today in Art class we watched this.
I liked it, and thought I'd share it with you.


I sat down to write my paper tonight, and within half an hour I had busted out 134 words, and was only on my first paragraph. The Subject? Optional, but non-opinionated. Why is this going so fast? 8:00am Junior year, Theatre History.
With only 5 points of focus I think I'm going to have more than 400 words.
My five points of focus are:
1) Greek
2) Moralplays+Mysteries
3) The Golden Age(s)
4) Absurdism and postwar
5) Realism and magical realism
Alright, Rob, that's 13.
... 483 words, and I paired it down considerably.
You know papers aren't so hard to write if you actually give a damn about the subject.

Well I have another blog to write with fiery fierce opinions about Theatre in general, and Cider to drink. I'm going to enjoy this!

Grrr my mousepad acts stupid when my computer gets too hot...

Kishpike Out


  1. There's gunna be three more if I have anything to do about it!