Somewhere between September 2nd and September 3rd, 2010

5:34am, September 2nd (Spokane Washington)
0 hours.

After being snapped at, checked, double checked, and felt up by the air-port staff and security, or whoever employs these people, I have finally made it to the waiting point at the first airport, titled GEG. I am more than excited enough to make up for the trouble.

Two points.
1) It is a well known and documented fact that sexy people are a good omen for a safe flight. And judging on the people around me, I'll be just fine.
2) I refuse to pay 40 dollars for extra leg room. Thank The Great Welsh Dragons I have short legs.

This will be a single post from saved documents, because I further refuse to pay for internet that I can have once I'm in Spain for a much lower fee.

2:57pm, September 2nd (One Mile Over the Ohio River)
9 hours, 23 minutes (Give or take for time gained by travel)

One Mile.
That's how high this update comes from.
I am now flying from Denver to Washington D.C.
Between my flight from Spokane to Denver and this current one (to Washington DC) I had enough time to stretch my legs and buy obviously price gouged shitty black coffee in a Styrofoam cup.
Thank God.
Between that, a bottle of water and a Banana (eaten the correct way, what you may call 'upsidedown') have been my nourishment for today(ish)

If the last flight was charmed by the number of attractive people aboard, this one will have to stay aflight by my own sheer force of awesome.

The in flight movie for this particular trip (that I chose) was Losers. While I'm no film critic, I do have a tendency to be rather critical of films. Shows in general as well. There is nothing special about Losers, but it delivers what it promises: An Action flick with no real substance. I did enjoy it. Mostly because it's the sorta movie where I can imagine it's a game of ShadowRun and everything seems more fun.

This Update too Long?
It's a three hour flight, and my mind wanders.
And I am still terrified of what lays ahead.

A word to the kishpike, I need to listen to less Blue October, it makes me sad. Yes I bought the MP3 player.

Time?:?? Place? (These things are imaginary at this point, right?)

My third flight, and the last air-borne bend of journey.
This trip will require far less of my Awesome to keep it aloft, but one can never be too careful.

Washington Airport is HUGE.
There are more people getting onto this plane than there are in Lewiston and Clarkston combined.
I am currently trying to re-read 'Valparaiso,' but between lack of anything related to sleep, buzz of people speaking any number of languages, and general anxiety, Tourette's has decided against it. I hate it when we fight, and trust me, in this relationship there is no makeup sex.

1:17pm Firday, September 3rd (UTC time, Over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean)

The ticks became more, and louder. Like they do when I am in an awkward situation to be twitching, on an air-plane with a large number of people who don't speak english. I have attempted my first conversation in spanish. It was nice, but I am terrified of sounding like a terrible idiot. At least in English I can sound like an idiot with my own authority.

More movies.
Kick-ass, not quite as kick-ass as it could have been.
Clash of the Titans. 15 minutes in I decided not to watch.
Maybe it's great, maybe it's fantastic and I'm not giving it the same chances I gave 'Civil Rights Othello' or 'Musical 12fth Night,' but after seeing those I have a good feel of what I'll enjoy or not about 15 minutes in.

More sounding like an idiot.
Apologies to Danielle Pecoff, who did wonderfully in Illyria (Musical Twelfth Night) all things considered.
No apologies to anyone in the cast of Civil Rights Othello, that was just wrong.
And super anti-apologies of judgment and scoffery to shows that will go unmentioned.
(I'm Glaring at you James Cameron and Sarah Cane)

More Wall of text.
If you are still reading this you must be really interested in my life.
If you are not related to me or currently in a year-lasting relationship you should call me when I get back stateside.

Nanny Mcphee looks like a poorly acted an uninteresting character. She appears very removed, and very cut off from her emotional reactions. Sure that sort of character is a novelty, and we're interested in those super-hero like characters with blank demeanor, who are always close to being right, and only slightly irritated when things don't go perfectly, but only for the first few minutes. When the novelty wears off we are left with something boring and at best irritating, if not insulting. I think we crave a way to relate to the tittle character, to see them become emotionally invested. Actually I'm certain it's the writing, not the acting. Well the acting doesn't look great either. Maybe it's the Directing. Perhaps the whole show is to blame.
Perhaps I should put away the blame hammer?

I only say this, because I am currently sorta watching the film over the shoulder of a particularly cute Russian girl sitting two seats ahead of me on this 7 hour flight. I can't hear any of the movie, but I swear they filmed five minutes of that woman cocking her head a little, and twitching an eyebrow, and looking indignant, and then copied and pasted it into every scene.
At least, I think she's Russian.
The cute girl, I mean.
Don't look at me like that!

So...I may have just elbowed a toddler in the forehead...
That's not a good way to make friends, in case you were curious.
She's okay, and her parents didn't seem too mad.
Very nice actually, to a young man who just elbowed their daughter in the face.

Okay seriously, you are still reading this massive update. You and I need to date when I get back stateside, clearly you care enough about my opinions to have read this far and this much.
The Russian girl?
Oh, she's nothing, just a casual crush. It's not like we even talked. Will talk. Are talking. I swear it's nothing. And besides, when we go to coffee for the first romantic time it will have been a year in the past, I won't even remember what she looks like right now.
Which is cute, if you didn't know already.

Speaking of Othello...
Well I was speaking of Othello at one point I'm sure.
Dani I need to talk to you about an idea I had.
No one else though. This blog isn't to inform everyone, just special people.
People that aren't you.
Unless, of course, you are either Dani or interested in 'Romantic Coffee Date' when I get back to the Americas. Then I totally will fill you in on this awesome 'for Dani's eyes/ears only' information.
Just don't tell Dani, she might get jealous.
Because she does that.

I just realized that someone may actually be reading this, maybe...
And this person may think that Dani and Danielle Pecoff are the same person.
To set the records straight: They are not.

10:50 am, September 3nd (Madrid, Airport)
29 hours 26 minutes (minus timezone skipping)
I think.

Screwed Over.
So the bus I was to hop on when I rolled out of the Madrid Airport departed from 'God-Knows-Where' Madrid.
God-knows-where Madrid is not in, near, or easily accessible by foot from Madrid Airport.
Good Move Kishpike.
'Oh Kishpike, why not look it up online and hop a Taxi?'
Great Idea!
Let me hop online and see when it departs.
7 minutes ago.
I believe one of the mottos (and belive me, there were many) for this summer went a little something like 'Ain't that some shit.'

If you get a chance to swing by God-Knows-Where I here it's lovely this time of year.
I'll let you know if I'm ever in that area, dear Blog Reader who clearly loves me passionately.

15 or so Euros later
1 min = 1 euro on the Airport telephones.
I'm not too happy that I actually forgot my phone in my Mom's car at this point.)
I have hopped online twice, and tried to call my adviser, and have now attempted to figure out the cheapest options.
I busted out the ol' cheater book (Spanish-English Dictionary) and finally got a straight answer as too how much a Plane ticket will cost.
It will cost exactly Too much.
Next Bus Pass? September 4rth 6:00am, 20 hour wait.
Too much it is.

So, having completely lost my mind in the two hours I was confused and lost in the Madrid Airport, I completely forgot how awesome airport security is.
I forgot about a water-bottle and my Laptop in my backpack.
They were nice about it, which was surprising and new.
But I guess I can't expect much, knowing how little of the language I speak.

In an hour I get on another plane. From that plane, I get a Taxi. From that Taxi, I SHOULD (this word means less to me than it once did) be at my Host-Mother's House, and be welcomed in and allowed to rest.
Well even if I can't rest I should have a home base, and that will be a relief.

This plane will be entirely supported by my rather drained sheer force of awesome supply.
What Russian chick?
I don't know what you are talking about.

Be careful, if you keep reading I may propose.

I think I'm both high on, and addicted to, Jet-lag.
I would kill for a 2$ cup of coffee.

12:29Pm, Heaven's seat.

Too much is for a reason it turns out. (The price for a plane ticket was Too much)
Business class on a Jet.
It is a warm and clear sunny day in Spain and I can see for ages.
It's gorgeous.
Also this Jet does zero fucking around.
It takes off, and it flies.
The extra leg room is also nice.
Peanuts, are not dried fruits my Spainsh translating friends.
Still, salted peanuts are awesome on a plane.
As well as the little snack-sandwiches that I was served.

This is relaxing and nice.
I'm pretending it didn't cost what it did for an hour long flight, but still.
The view is...uneffable.
Ah, coffee.
And it comes with a tastey cookie?
Four tastey cookies.
And fancy shmancy water.

I must look so bourgeois sitting here and actually enjoying this.
I never want to be so rich I don't think all this stuff is awesome.
How depressing!
The people around me mildly acknowledge it as if it's more of a hassle in their busy day than a huge luxury.
Four cookies, not extra cost, that comes when you request coffee.
I don't know about you, but this Kishpike wished that Four cookies was assumed to be part of the order for 'Coffee' everywhere.

This is the best mistake I have ever made.
The staff is also sickly sweet to me.
Did I mention I have the whole row to myself, including two fabulous windows?
These cities, towns and fields, they are built on top of cities, towns, and fields that were cities, towns, and fields ages ago.

1:48 am, Destination.
The Kishpike has landed.

The journey is over, I am in my new home, and all is well.

Mi Madre/Abuela de España is Carmén. She is wonderful, and my Mom in Washington would be pleased to know that she is feeding me well and lots.
I mean, I arrived, and she had me sit down and eat so much food I felt like I may burst.
She then cleaned my plate and put more food on it.
She insisted that Chicos love to eat.
She isn't wrong.
Dani would also be pleased to know she is a very health-food oriented woman.
I may actually gain weight while I'm here!

She speaks very little English, which is good, because I speak even less Spanish than I thought I did. I have already met her Grandchildren, who were very excited to see me, and are all very nice. She a very kind, and very interesting woman, who loves to read, and listen to Musika Mexicana. Specifically Mexican music, not Spanish music. Not like one would expect to hear in Spain. Mexican music. She hails from Mexico, and loves the rich culture. My room is lovely, and I live only 5-10 minutes from the sea.
Tomorrow I take advantage of this fact.
Tonight I take advantage of that bed over there.
End longest update ever.

Kishpike Out.


  1. They served you "snake" sandwhiches?

  2. Yes, I read the whole thing and I am not a crazed fan but I do love you! Because I am your mommy, of course. That was a great update and I am sure you will attract a bevy of romantic young ladies. However, as your mom in Washington, I am wondering who your mom in Idaho is? Tell your Spanish mommy a million thanks from your US mommy for taking care of you!

  3. Snack sandwiches.
    My English seems to deteriorate while my Spanish improves.