September 01, 2010.
Still Stateside

2010, and my last August night has ended only an hour ago.
For those of you who don't know, or haven't noticed, August at night is my favorite time of the year. And here I am in boring old September, yeah that's right boring September. So here I am in boring old September thinking to myself why should September be boring? It is , after all, named one of the most awesome numbers. Well this september is going to be anything but boring.

My good friend Dani tells me that I am behind the times.
'Everyone has graduated from blogs last year.'
I don't care much for blogs, I'd rather talk to people. This is just for the trip to Spain, so I don't have to write a bunch of emails, and what-have-you.
Hell yeah I'm lazy, that's why I have a blog, for Little Buddha's Sake.

Today I lost my MP3 player.
I'm probably better off without it. I'll want to soak in the language, and have no real escape.
No running off to 'Holla Back Girl of Constant Sorrow' for me. (If you haven't heard of this, go here. No sense in really watching it, just listen.)
To be honest, which I'm trying to do more of, I'll probably get another one for the plane trip.
I just need to keep my use of it in check.

Vacuum bags are amazing. Stunning really. They may even qualify for astonishing.
I have packed the majority of a year into a black suitcase, and an orange backpack.
I worry because, rumor and a fair amount of research has it, Spaniards don't dress down.
Now I tend to be a classy fella, but no Blue-Jeans for a year? This is going to test my mettle.
I have some new dress pants, and my usual top look (Black tank and an interesting button down T) should get me by. Just in case, I've got a suit jacket, and enough nice clothes to get me by week to week.

I have said most of my final goodbyes, and will be leaving in 25 hours give or take.
If you still want to say goodbye, in person, call me/text me, come out and see me. I'd be happy to see and hug anyone before my journey begins.

Kishpike Out.

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  1. Friend-sauce,
    There is honestly no point in saying goodbye. I'll see you in a year anyways. <3