Septmber 16th, 2010

I am feeling better.
I'm doing fine in my class.
My dance instructor is a leprechaun.
(He even sings like one when we dance)
I have my own cookies and chocolate.
I just felt the Spanish Rain fall all over me, briefly.
Oh yes, I am doing well.

After finishing my Homework, I went for a walk.
Here, going for a walk often includes a few stops for snacks and wine.
I found out the difference between 3.50 Euro Kalimotxa and 2.50 Euro kalimotxa
Also, Kalimatxa have ice. Sweet Ice, how I've missed you.
After two large glasses of wine and coke (that's kalimotxa), I managed to meander until I was good and lost, but I could find the sea and the river, so home wasn't too far away.
I decided to duck into one more bar for a night cap, feeling a little tipsy already, and saw a sign for 'Bar Amistad' Friendship Bar. Sure, okay.
I step in, and it's a mostly empty China bar.
This was the best place I've been all night. Because the bar tender spoke spanish as a second language, he spoke slowly, and clearly. He was confused by me, because I could speak Spanish, but not perfectly, he asked where I was from, but he didn't understand when I answered, but he was very friendly and the wine was cheap.
All in all, it was a fun night.

Kishpike Out.

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