Discoteca at the Guggenheim

September 17th, 2010

You can't spell Party without 'Art.'
I don't know why, but the Guggenheim had a DJ, drinks and some of their exhibits on show the other night, Friday night.The DJ, like much of the so called 'art' found here, was skippable.
The drinks were expensive, but they are like that everywhere here. I think it's a lack of cheap well drinks.
For example the well vodka here is Absolute.
Vodka, in spanish, is 'Vodka.'
The Dancing was lacking, and the light show was cute at best.
What was cool was that it was like a lame party in a museum.Even a lame party is novel when it's in a museum.
You could dance a little, have a drink or two, and then go tour some of the exhibits.Absurd.It's funny how much I love Absurdism, but cannot stand abstractism and Dada like spin offs.

Jeff Koons
had some of his 'sculptures' on show.
Supposedly it was supposed to be a bunch of heavy metal objects trying to be balloons, commentary on trying to be something one is not.
Bullshit.It is a pile of multicolored sperm, and I know it.
Yay, shock value.
One of the USAC-ers (USAC is the program I'm studying with) explained to me how 'Koons is a fuck.'
Aparently, Koons does not actually sculpt his work, but a slew of workers in a warehouse do, Coonts designs the sculptures. Drafts them out, and has the warehouse build them.
Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this aspect of his work, because design is certainly art.
But if it is the truth, I don't think that makes him a sculptor at all, but rather a Designer of Mutlicolored Wank.

Anish Kapoor is a rather interesting designer of similar wank.
However I think he actually participates in his 'work'.
Speaking of Shock value, and I know I was at one point:
Firing gallon cans of red wax at a wall, that ain't art.
Its interesting, and immediately striking.
It has some clear and powerful invocations.
But really its a lot of money wasted on Jerking off the 'Is this art' button.
At first it looks kind of interesting. But the longer you look at it, the more you realize this guy loaded a cannon with wax and shot it at a wall. Clearly that qualifies as art.
Look, I don't go out in the street and cut people and call it surgery.
I don't yell 'Get a life' at someone and call it counseling.
I don't call toast and jam pastry.
I don't write a blog about my travels in Spain and call it journalism.
I don't write down all my opinions about trivial and abstract concepts and call it truth.
And I certainly don't shit all over a concept and smugly stand back and say 'Prove that I'm not doing it right.'
I'd appreciate it if other people had the common freaking courtesy to admit that while something may be cool or interesting, it's not art.

Anish Kapoor had his new 3-D laser printer made cement sculptures on display here.
They were concrete houses made to look like piles of shit.
Or piles of concrete shit made to look like houses.
But it really did look like shit.
His mirrors though, with enough time, wine, and little pushing on my interpretive side, actually started to make some sense, and may have actually passed the ever so important Kispike brand 'Is this Art?' test.
Saint Thomas's Healing.
It's a big ol' cut in the wall painted red on the inside.
Another jerking off of the 'Is this art' and 'Whooooo Perspective' button.

There were also these giant mazes.They were interesting, and moving through them definately was intriguing as that the way they were built they felt to have no end, and the amount of space between the walls created dizzying effects.
This one might of actually been art, if it didn't seem like such a waste of money.
Bodhisattvas preserve us, but I get frustrated when the value of the art isn't worth the cost of it's creation.

What is the Value of art?
There is something to be said for the number of people it reaches, I mean that are really effected by it.There is something to be said for the quality of the emotional responses it inspires.
For the record, pissing people off or confusing them smugly is not a quality response, Dadaists I'm looking at you.
There is also something to be said about a message, but a message isn't needed, there just is something to be said for having a message in the art.
There is of course something to be said for skillful effort, creativity, and pushing the limits.
PUSHING, not running naked screaming random obsenities way past the limits and laughing at the 'fools' behind.This culmination is something akin to the Value of art.

In the Rough.
Now there is something to be said for interpretation.
A lot of this so called 'art', smugly, sits back and says 'OHHH what do you think I am?' 'OH?' 'Really?' 'That's cute, you're trying to define art. You clearly don't catch on do you? Poor little human condition. All confused and trying to define things. If only you were in. If only you understood that there is nothing to understand. Well have fun with your little interpretation, and your little life.' And I want to punch it in the face.
The security guards, however, frown on this.
But there was something magical.
I found a Rothko.
The painting was a lot bigger than I thought it would be.
It was huge. I imagine the whole 'Rothko Room' would be terrifying by size alone.
Now, if I hadn't been in the play 'The Rothko Room' as directed by James W. Johnson, I'd think it was just another stupid painting.
Although, the paintings I have a tendency to like.
But having done the play, having mined the meaning from the paintings, the implications, the history of the artist, these things made that painting hit me like a bag of concrete shit.
Maybe it was just me projecting, but the thing really seemed vibrant, like I could almost see the glowing.
You see, they're doors, and windows, the Rothko paintings, to the other side, specifically to death.
Or they are supposed to be.
This one, I believe, was one of the windows.

All in all, it was a pretty good night.
Examining even poorly executed attempts at art can reveal much. Even people who are wrong most of the time are right some of the time, you just have to look for it. I take a little comfort in that, knowing how often I happen to be wrong.
Likewise, people who are right most of the time can be wrong, and you have to watch out for those occasions.

Kishpike Out.


  1. I imagine part of the problem with paintings is that, for the most part, we don't even get to see them but a representation of one.

    Looking at a three by three inch means much to me as I assume looking at the score for Handel's "Amen Chorus" would mean to you (very little).

    During your comments about the human condition, I could really hear your voice.

    Good job.

  2. Thankyou, it was hard to hide it in the text on the interwebs, but if you push real hard you can put your voice anywhere.