Summer of '10

August 27, 2010.

In 2009, there were 126 million Blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse.)
And now I'm adding to that disgusting number.

I carry around a moleskin, and write down various notes, but not to be shared with the world, and frankly updating what has happened to me seems about as interesting to me as a book report on something I didn't want to be reading in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, but I have no interest in trying to define every little detail as it passes by.

I know your about to comment, you are going to post something silly like, 'But, my dear Kishpike, why are you posting on this Blog website, with a fully registered account? Did someone hold a gun to your head? Have you succumb to a terrible blood-mage's domination spell? Do you need to do this for, gods forbid, class?' Well I'll tell you why, I'm going to Spain, and am much more likely to keep a Blog than a Journal. 'Why allow it to be viewed by others?' To save myself some emails, and a lot of redundant conversations. 'You know you don't have to post your date, right?' Yes, but it's more satisfying to write it out, feels more dramatic.

So now that we've cleared up all those questions, allow me to work on the Logging part of the Blogging thing.

August has been slow.
Macbeth, a show I was acting in, closed August first. And soon I found myself at my parent's house, in Asotin County. I am waiting in my parents basement for a flight, a flight that takes off around 6:00 AM, September 2, and lands in Madrid, Spain. I have my bags packed, my paperwork... mostly filled out, and my mind open for a wild experience.
And right now, I'm just enjoying my favorite time of day, which is night, during my favorite month, which is August, and trying to tie up all my loose ends.

Kishpike Out.

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